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PODCAST GUEST | Jacob Lonowski

The Importance of Strength

This is a throwback video to our first ever interview with the practice, originally recorded in 2017. Here we chat it up with Jacob Lonowski, then Strength and Conditioning coach for Georgia State University. He is now a student physical therapist at the Georgia State University PT program.

Listen to learn why strength is so important for all athletes and for overall health!


Mmmm fresh running shoes.

There’s nothing more amazing than taking a run in brand new shoes. I was so excited when this pair came in the mail that I even made an unboxing video too.

Here I took out the shoes out for a run during vacation at NYC recently. After several weeks of running with the pair, I wanted to share my first impressions.

Be on the lookout for the full review of these shoes, as I put down more miles in them. Happy running out there!

PODCAST GUEST | Umama Kibria

Umama does it all.

In this episode, Dr. Balmes chats with Umama Kibria, Founder and CEO of SASS Brands. Umama is a community leader, certified gym hopper, tech evangelist, and connector. She does it all. On this episode she shares her endeavor and her love for the Atlanta fitness community. Watch and listen in to learn what her favorite deadlift song is, what a social media “influencer” really is, and why Atlanta is the best fitness community city in the US! Thank you Umama for joining us on the podcast 🙂

Make sure to check out Umama’s social media channels on YouTube and Instagram!

Umama’s website https://www.smallandstrongfit.com/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyKNh-0LY4R-_QSFAOUdZ2w

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/smallandstrong.fit/

Sweatwith.us https://www.instagram.com/sweatwith.us/