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Dr. Kim’s Endeavor

My endeavor.

Here at ENDVR Health, we believe that everyone has an endeavor they are relentlessly working on. We empower our clients to recover from injury so that they can go back to that journey. In this blog post, read about Dr. Kim’s own personal endeavor playing golf.

Golf is something I discovered back in 2014. Most of my friends were playing every weekend. My business partner at the time was a member at Cherokee Town and Country Club. I had no interest in it before 2014 but it became my newfound passion for many reasons. Golf is an active, outdoor activity. Golf is a time of fellowship with 3 of your closest friends, colleagues, clients, potential clients, and/or random people. And golf is just simply fun and challenging; mentally and physically.

I realized golf was something I could enjoy while being outdoors and enjoying nature. My first few rounds of golf were not the best, yet I found it satisfying and refreshing to be outside for a few hours rather than being inside in a clinic setting.


A perk of golf, enjoying the outdoors.

Now don’t get me wrong! I enjoy being in the clinic and treating clients, but it was nice to have a change of scenery for my newfound passion. Being able to go outdoors is one of the many perks of golf. Most people may not realize it but playing a round of golf can also be physically demanding, especially if you decide to walk 18 holes. I had underestimated the physical demands of what a golfer’s body goes through after a round.


Play golf and spend time with friends.

Fellowship is an important part of my life. My business partner back in 2014 invited me out to play golf with him and two others on his medical team. So before that round, I wanted a few more swings to get comfortable. The weekend before, it just so happened that a bunch of friends decided to play. I remember our foursome was me, Gina (my girlfriend at that time but my wife now), and two of my good friends. I was definitely the worst one in the group but just being surrounded with good company made it memorable.

Fellowship is an important part of my life.

Golf is a great time to spend quality time with your friends, colleagues, clients, and/or random strangers. (In my opinion, golf is also a great way to spend time with your potential spouse!) The first round with my business partner at Cherokee Town and Country Club was a great way to start the partnership.

Besides being active outdoors and spending quality time with your friends and colleagues, I find golf to be simply fun and challenging. No matter how I play, I always have a great time. There is literally nothing to complain about if I am able to spend a morning or afternoon out on the course, even if the score wasn’t pretty. Golf is definitely a challenging game; mentally and physically. Not only is it physically demanding but there have been times I was mentally exhausted after a round. It’s challenging not to think about each shot and approach shots so seriously.


Don’t take golf too seriously.

One of the best advice my best friend gave me was to never to take it too seriously and just enjoy the game. Golf is a game that will never be mastered. No matter how well you play, you always could have played a stroke better. And I think that is why I enjoy the game of golf so much. There are so many areas of the sport you can work on to improve your scores. Also, it is one of few sports you can play until the day you die, which I plan to do. 

So what is your passion? What do you enjoy doing? Golf is one of my recent newfound passions for many reasons. You can enjoy golf outdoors, golf requires you to be active, golf involves a group of your loved ones, golf challenges you mentally/emotionally/physically, and golf is fun. Get out there, find your passion, and enjoy it!

Dr. Kim PT

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Get Mobile and Ready for Golf

Experience your best round ever.

Dr. Kim PT was recently out serving the golfers at the East Lake Invitational here in Atlanta, GA. Want to feel mobile and ready for a round of golf?

Check out his favorite stretch to get your low back and shoulders feeling loose and ready for your best round ever.

Child pose exercise tips:

  1. Perform in pain-free range of motion
  2. Perform prior to a round of golf or a session at the range to free up any motion through your trunk
  3. Don’t force through any block of motion. Consider a consultation with us here in clinic for a deeper look!