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PODCAST GUEST | Jacob Lonowski

The Importance of Strength

This is a throwback video to our first ever interview with the practice, originally recorded in 2017. Here we chat it up with Jacob Lonowski, then Strength and Conditioning coach for Georgia State University. He is now a student physical therapist at the Georgia State University PT program.

Listen to learn why strength is so important for all athletes and for overall health!

PODCAST GUEST | Umama Kibria

Umama does it all.

In this episode, Dr. Balmes chats with Umama Kibria, Founder and CEO of SASS Brands. Umama is a community leader, certified gym hopper, tech evangelist, and connector. She does it all. On this episode she shares her endeavor and her love for the Atlanta fitness community. Watch and listen in to learn what her favorite deadlift song is, what a social media “influencer” really is, and why Atlanta is the best fitness community city in the US! Thank you Umama for joining us on the podcast ūüôā

Make sure to check out Umama’s social media channels on YouTube and Instagram!

Umama’s website https://www.smallandstrongfit.com/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyKNh-0LY4R-_QSFAOUdZ2w

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/smallandstrong.fit/

Sweatwith.us https://www.instagram.com/sweatwith.us/


Reverse your Office Posture with this One Exercise

Admit it, your sitting office posture stinks.

When you’re sitting at your office at your desk for hours every day, more often than not, your sitting posture stinks.

You know what we’re talking about. Head and shoulders forward, because well, gravity wins every time. Unless you’re a rocketship.

Now it is entirely possible to go through life with your slouched posture, but the side effects are well known. You may experience neck discomfort or muscle tightness at the base of your neck.

Regular exercise can help, but what can help even more is a targeted exercise to reverse that slouched posture.

Our favorite exercise? We like the simple foam roll back extension exercise.

The concept is simple really…with your body in a forward posture for hours, this exercise simply reverses it. Muscles at your chest lengthen. Your spine expresses extension motion that it has been begging to do for hours.

We like doing these ourselves at the end of an intense day at the desk. If not, then doing this at the end of a long week can help too.

Guest Podcast with Modern Mommy PT

Learn more about the pelvic floor and women’s health

Here at ENDVR Health we believe that everyone has an endeavor in life. This is why we want our clients to recover from injury and live a healthy lifestyle to pursue their endevaor!

Well there’s no greater endeavor than being a mother.

Join us as we have good friends to our practice,¬†Modern Mommy Physical Therapy, as guests on our podcast. Find out how important it is to have a women’s health physical therapist as part of your health care team if you’re a soon-to-be-mom and mom!

Men don’t pass up on this video/podcast. There are important tips in here for you too.

Share this with your soon-to-be parents and new parents!

Modern Mommy PT https://www.modernmommypt.com/

Modern Mommy PT’s Instagram

Dr. Kim’s Endeavor

My endeavor.

Here at ENDVR Health, we believe that everyone has an endeavor they are relentlessly working on. We empower our clients to recover from injury so that they can go back to that journey. In this blog post, read about Dr. Kim’s own personal endeavor playing golf.

Golf is something I discovered back in 2014. Most of my friends were playing every weekend. My business partner at the time was a member at Cherokee Town and Country Club. I had no interest in it before 2014 but it became my newfound passion for many reasons. Golf is an active, outdoor activity. Golf is a time of fellowship with 3 of your closest friends, colleagues, clients, potential clients, and/or random people. And golf is just simply fun and challenging; mentally and physically.

I realized golf was something I could enjoy while being outdoors and enjoying nature. My first few rounds of golf were not the best, yet I found it satisfying and refreshing to be outside for a few hours rather than being inside in a clinic setting.


A perk of golf, enjoying the outdoors.

Now don’t get me wrong! I enjoy being in the clinic and treating clients, but it was nice to have a change of scenery for my newfound passion. Being able to go outdoors is one of the many perks of golf. Most people may not realize it but playing a round of golf can also be physically demanding, especially if you decide to walk 18 holes. I had underestimated the physical demands of what a golfer’s body goes through after a round.


Play golf and spend time with friends.

Fellowship is an important part of my life. My business partner back in 2014 invited me out to play golf with him and two others on his medical team. So before that round, I wanted a few more swings to get comfortable. The weekend before, it just so happened that a bunch of friends decided to play. I remember our foursome was me, Gina (my girlfriend at that time but my wife now), and two of my good friends. I was definitely the worst one in the group but just being surrounded with good company made it memorable.

Fellowship is an important part of my life.

Golf is a great time to spend quality time with your friends, colleagues, clients, and/or random strangers. (In my opinion, golf is also a great way to spend time with your potential spouse!) The first round with my business partner at Cherokee Town and Country Club was a great way to start the partnership.

Besides being active outdoors and spending quality time with your friends and colleagues, I find golf to be simply fun and challenging. No matter how I play, I always have a great time. There is literally nothing to complain about if I am able to spend a morning or afternoon out on the course, even if the score wasn’t pretty. Golf is definitely a challenging game; mentally and physically. Not only is it physically demanding but there have been times I was mentally exhausted after a round. It’s challenging not to think about each shot and approach shots so seriously.


Don’t take golf too seriously.

One of the best advice my best friend gave me was to never to take it too seriously and just enjoy the game. Golf is a game that will never be mastered. No matter how well you play, you always could have played a stroke better. And I think that is why I enjoy the game of golf so much. There are so many areas of the sport you can work on to improve your scores. Also, it is one of few sports you can play until the day you die, which I plan to do. 

So what is your passion? What do you enjoy doing? Golf is one of my recent newfound passions for many reasons. You can enjoy golf outdoors, golf requires you to be active, golf involves a group of your loved ones, golf challenges you mentally/emotionally/physically, and golf is fun. Get out there, find your passion, and enjoy it!

Dr. Kim PT

Check out Dr. Kim’s Instagram here.

Want more golf tips to stay healthy? Watch Dr. Kim’s videos on our YouTube channel!


Let’s Talk about Health!

Experience better health.

When we all think about health, it’s usually this: you’re not sick or injured. And that’s it.

In this video we’ll talk about health in a more complete definition that’s much more accurate.

According to the World Health Organization, health is defined as this:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Consider addressing all of your physical, mental, and social aspects in your life for better health!

We’re excited to make more videos that cover all three of these elements from the perspective of a sports physical therapy clinic.

Interested in the podcast version? Check it out below:


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The build takes time.

Building better strength and mobility takes time.

This sounds obvious, but just take a quick look at social media posts and you’d think otherwise.

There are millions of Instagram videos or YouTube videos that show you how to gain mobility instantly.

You do the mobility drill once, but a few weeks later you’re back to square one.

You see someone pumping iron in a video, and you may think that all those muscles only happen to those who are natural at it. So you may think that you can’t build muscles like that.

I’m here to tell you that is not the case.

Assuming you have no serious medical issues, human physiology holds true for everyone.

If you put in the time, and believe me it takes time, you too can build more strength and mobility.

So how long exactly does it take to build strength and mobility?

6-8 Weeks

That’s the generally accepted time to see strength and muscle size gains. This means that you are consistently training for 6-8 weeks at about 2-3 times a week. Your training plan is intense enough and progressive over time.

So whenever you feel discouraged that your training plan is not working, remind yourself it takes time.

Have patience. Trust your training and keep putting in the hard work!


Looking to regain muscle size and strength after orthopedic surgery? Consider our Blood Flow Restriction training service.


Health is more than physical.


We’ll be the first to admit that health is much more than physical.

Yes, we’re physical therapists. It’s in our name.

But as physical therapists we understand that getting to better health is more than physical.

Let’s get right to it.

Better health also involves having the right mindset, better diet, and an environment with deep relationships (whether that is at work or at home).

Whenever we work with clients, we’re very good at creating the right strategies in hands-on treatment and therapeutic exercise plans to address injuries. But we’re also really good at recommending the necessary changes in other aspects of your health.

Here are some of the common methods to improve your health outside of the physical:


1. Watch out for stress levels.

This means doing what you can do to improve your work life. Make sure your work life doesn’t invade negatively into your personal life, and vice versa. Do your best work for a promotion to achieve your career goals. Set boundaries in your time so you can spend more time with your significant other at home. Defend your health from the demands of life.

2. Be more mindful of your nutrition – it fuels everything you do.

Look, we know there are many nutrition strategies out there. Having a plan is better than no plan at all. Pick a healthy nutrition strategy and stick to it. Make sure that it’s a plan that adequately fuels what you need to do for the day.

3. Meditate.

We live in a fast paced and always-connected world. Consider adding meditation to calm your body down from the stresses of everyday life. One of our favorite apps as a beginner? Check out Headspace.

4. Build meaningful relationships at home and at work.

Avoid toxic and negative relationships at all costs. Relationships built on trust and respect have many positive benefits to your health.


Got more suggestions on how to improve your health outside of the physical? Leave them in the comments.

Share these with your friends and family who’s looking to live a healthier life!