For those serious about natural long-term health.

The ENDVR Journey Membership is a membership program designed to support you in your journey for natural and long-term health. Central to the program is regular exercise, guided by your own sports physiotherapist. Your sports physiotherapist will design your training plan and measure and track your progress.

Health conditions that would benefit from the ENDVR Journey Membership include, but not limited to:

  • pre-hypertension
  • hypertension
  • pre-diabetic
  • diabetics
  • high cholesterol
  • sacropenia (muscle loss due to aging)

The ENDVR Journey Membership can also be used for those who have ambitious sport goals that run all year-round:

  • tennis players who play in multiple tennis leagues
  • children who play in year-long sports
  • runners planning to run multiple races in a year
  • endurance athletes who train all-year for multiple races
  • all-weather golf players

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