Get out pain and injury with Atlanta's leading sports physiotherapy clinic.

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Proudly located inside Elite Edge Fitness

Rehab and recovery towards sports requires the right environment. Say goodbye to small and crowded medical office space.

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Enjoy private one-on-one service

We value your time, and we're dedicated to your success. Typical clinics have therapists see 4-5 patients at the same time, but Here at ENDVR Health, you enjoy private one-on-one service from your sports physiotherapist.

Injuries seen here at ENDVR health

Sports physiotherapy is specialized to evaluate and treat sports injuries. Injury areas include, but not limited to:

  • Back
  • Neck/Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Foot/Ankle

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From Dr. Ryan Balmes PT,

Dear frustrated athlete,

Whether you're a runner who enjoys running multiple races a year, an all weather golfer, or competitive tennis player competing in multiple leagues who is currently frustrated by an injury that won't seem to heal on it's own, then you are looking in the right place for help.

Typical health clinics will tell you to just rest from your favorite sport, but I'm here to tell you that here at ENDVR Health we practice much differently. Here at ENDVR Health, we understand that being told to slow down or rest from your sport is the LAST thing you want to hear.

It's very likely that we have a solution to help you get back to the sport you love fast.

Unlike typical clinics here in Atlanta, I'm proud to offer sports physiotherapy service based on years of advanced training and experience working with athletes like you. 

The one thing I've seen that does not get athletes to recover quickly from injury is rest.

In fact, that's the LAST thing you want to do is completely shut your body down from exercise.

You'll lose your conditioning, and more specifically your injury site will scar down, losing its strength in the process.

Here at ENDVR Health, we have solutions to help you recover from injury but still maintain and even improve your overall conditioning.

If you're interested in finally getting rid of your nagging pain so that you can finally perform your sport with confidence again, then I highly recommend you take action now. Acting decisively will also finally stop the endless cycle of injury and re-injury.

Enquire about my clinic's cost and availability today:

Or you can call my direct line at 770-765-7926 to schedule a Start Up session here in the clinic.

Here at ENDVR Health, we're proud to offer all our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we work hard to make you happy...or we refund your money or simply leave the clinic without paying. 


Or if you'd like, I can make time to speak to you privately on the phone for a free consultation.

You'll learn how my clinic could help you and your injury, and why my clinic is your best option to reach your goal fast. (And there's no obligation to book an appointment. That's entirely you're call!)

To your best health,

Dr. Ryan Balmes PT

Founder, ENDVR Health