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Reverse your Office Posture with this One Exercise

Admit it, your sitting office posture stinks.

When you’re sitting at your office at your desk for hours every day, more often than not, your sitting posture stinks.

You know what we’re talking about. Head and shoulders forward, because well, gravity wins every time. Unless you’re a rocketship.

Now it is entirely possible to go through life with your slouched posture, but the side effects are well known. You may experience neck discomfort or muscle tightness at the base of your neck.

Regular exercise can help, but what can help even more is a targeted exercise to reverse that slouched posture.

Our favorite exercise? We like the simple foam roll back extension exercise.

The concept is simple really…with your body in a forward posture for hours, this exercise simply reverses it. Muscles at your chest lengthen. Your spine expresses extension motion that it has been begging to do for hours.

We like doing these ourselves at the end of an intense day at the desk. If not, then doing this at the end of a long week can help too.